Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am starting to think I am not meant to knit socks. Being tired yesterday, I took my toe-up Mermaid Sock to knitting group, as it was mindless knitting, and I wanted to get a little further before I officially declared it Too Big and tore it back. So I knitted for about an hour, then took off my shoe, put my foot up on the table, and slipped it over my toe. We all looked at it forlornly. It really doesn't take long to rip something back.

That's the second "pair" of socks that have failed. Is it the patterns? My math? My feet? I don't know. But I'll keep trying. The siren song of hand-knitted socks being the most comfortable things in existence is too strong to let me be beaten by these failures.

Yay for long weekends. I will take the opportunity to sleep, crochet a couple more greyhounds (in pink and blue!), keep an eye on the weather for the tomato plants, and clean the house since it needs it. A picnic might be nice too.


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