Friday, September 05, 2008


It's not my birthday yet! Why is it not my birthday yet? I want these!

Wednesday was definitely a misaligned day. Was it for you too? It started not for me, but for a friend, whose car broke down at a gas station in St. Albert (I boosted him), then again about two kilometres down St. Albert Trail (I boosted him again), at which point the car just wouldn't start at all (I drove him and his girlfriend home, and picked them up in the morning to go to work). Then, because I was late getting home as a result, Priest slipped on the hardwood and bodychecked one of the dining room chairs, cutting his leg, and the chicken (which was totally thawed and cooked according to directions) was still raw after half an hour in the oven, leaving me starving while it went back in the oven, and then I was late for knitting. Ugh... At least yesterday was better.

We have company again this weekend, but I have to get the greyhound dolls done, and I have two shawls to finish as well, and a row of cabling to rip back on my poncho. The shawls won't get done, but I might be able to work on them a little. I would also like to get my hair cut, and do the recycling.

Priest seems slightly depressed, but maybe I'm anthropomorphizing. He lays down a lot, and is laying more curled up than normal. Is he cold? Or is he depressed? Or is he lonely? I wish I knew. But the picnic is coming up next weekend, so we can see how he reacts to lots (and lots and lots) of greyhounds, and maybe if I'm lucky, one of Terri's sweaters will fit him and we can win it at auction. Or I could just knit him one (see above for the projects that need to get done first...). But I'm getting cold too, and I have a poncho and fingerless gloves I'd like to knit for myself so they'll be useful this winter, and not next. Too... many... projects...

Okay, off to try and concentrate. It's Friday, thank heavens.



It's funny, Apollo seems a little subdued these days, too. I don't know if it's because he's had a few bad days with our laminate floors or what? But when we go outside and go for walks and he's running amok in the back yard, he's happy and fine. ??

See you next Sat at the picnic!!

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