Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Much Delayed Update

Being a point-form list of all the important news:

-I have not given up on blogging. :)

-Mike moved in March 25.

-My class is finished.

-Spring cleaning is time-consuming, but so satisfying.

-My wrists are bad. I'm not happy.

And now, an expansion on the above:

I'm back! Sort of... You would think that once two of my commitments ended or took a break, I'd have time for other things, but sadly no. Other things come up to fill the gap. But I haven't given up on blogging, and I have many exciting things to report.

First report is that I no longer live alone. As of this Friday, Mike will have been living with me for a month. Granted, he was on nights for half of that time, so it only feels like a week and a half, really, but, as he says, he officially moved in when his computer made the trip over and found itself a permanent home. I thought it would take more getting used to than it has. But I find that I don't really fall asleep until he's come to bed, that I'm starting to remember that all my clothes are on the top bar in the closet instead of both, and that I'm not cooking and overeating now, because it's much easier to size recipes for two than for one. The only thing I'm having trouble with is remembering that it's not "my place" anymore, but "ours." Old habits die hard.

Second report is that I just got my final marks for my theory class. My lowest grade over the course, barring the dismal first quiz that I rewrote, was an A-, and the highest (for class participation, not surprisingly) was an A+, so it looks like I aced it! It was wonderful, and I had so much fun taking it, even if I did start to burn out at the end there. I'm really looking forward to August, when I can figure out what course I can take next! Sometime this summer, though, I'm going to try to get an appointment with the undergrad advisor (on the advice of my prof), and talk to her about what courses I need to be a viable Masters candidate. Hopefully she can meet outside of work hours...

Third report, spring cleaning. I admit it; I let the housekeeping slide a little while I was in school, working, fencing, and trying to have a life. And I also admit that parts of the apartment need a good deep cleaning, and a good purge of material as well. And, with Mike moved in, I can really see the crunch on space, and the need to be efficient. And Dad built some shelves for the storage room, which are wonderful, because now I can actually start storing stuff down there. All of this together meant that it was time for spring cleaning. So far, I've done the kitchen, under the bed, and the bathroom. That's the majority of it, though it still leaves the closet, which is... scary. But I am determined. Getting the kitchen done was so satisfying, because now it's just clean and there's room in it! I do so love the feeling of clean, and I'll be ecstatic once it's all done.

However, I have to take it slow because of the fourth report. I haven't actually been fencing for about two months because my wrists have been bothering me. A lot. And it's been getting progressively worse. I now have two numb points on my palms, just below my thumbs, the second joint on both pinkies constantly hurts, and at the end of the day, I have to really concentrate on fine motor control. I just got two splints, and if a hand is really bad, I sleep with that one on at night. I'm hoping through a combination of general fitness, stretching, and massage, I can at least stop it from getting worse. But I'm going to ask my doctor for an assessment for carpal tunnel anyway. If that's what it is, I need to catch it early, or I won't be able to work, play, or do anything after a while. Needless to say, I'm not pleased, but I'm doing what I can about it.

So, a post! It was more a news report than a discussion of anything important, but what can you do when you've been bad about posting... I promise to be more reflective at a later date.

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