Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Something to make Mike smile

I must admit, the gear looks pretty cool. And he's really excited about the learn to ride course. I'm excited because it's a learn to ride safely course! Click the picture to see pics of all the gear!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Flatbreads and Fununderwear

I adore flatbreads. A quick snack is cheese and some manner of creamy dressing rolled up in one. Weekend breakfast consists of adding scrambled eggs to my standard snack wrap. I even occasionally spread peanut butter on one for something different. But I have been flatbreadless for over a week now, and not for lack of trying. The stores I've visited are out of my favourite kind and size. I had my weekend breakfast on Saturday on toast, which was much messier and just not the same. I'm trying to eat yoghurt as a snack, but it's just not nearly as satisfying as a few carbs. Hopefully this flatbread drought will end soon... I would hate to get so desperate as to buy the flavoured kinds.

One of my bras that actually fit broke a couple weeks ago; it started ripping at the seam between the strap and the band. So I had to go get a new one, and I did. But I got something else... FUNUNDERWEAR!!! If I wasn't so self-conscious about my weight, I would show it off to the world! It is so fun! It's amazing how much fununderwear affects your outlook. "Heeeheeeheee... I have a secret! And you just wish you could see it!" Ah well... For those who are interested, it's this bra in green. :D

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rotation of the earth

It's raining in Edmonton, and while the grass I see from out my window is turning OMG green, I am feeling melancholy. Sheila and Nathan are having a wonderful time in France, as reported on their weblogs, and I am thinking longingly of French days and nights. I have avoided updating my weight loss tracking page because there is nothing to report, despite my best efforts and going to the gym between three and five times a week for the last little while. Dad and possibly Mom will be up this weekend, which would be nice except they're coming for a funeral. I have hired a student, but the process of hiring was so stressful that my face broke out, I had terrible dreams that woke me up at night, and I got in a tiff with Mike on Monday. I am losing touch with all my friends in Calgary and elsewhere because I am not a phone person, and I spend so much time emailing and calling people at work, I just don't feel like doing the same thing when I get home. I have been waking up at 5 am. My gym isn't open that early, nor is it open late enough at night for me to go home, do things, rest for a bit, then go to the gym. I have too many chapters of Harry Potter left to read. Mike can't go to the movie theatre. And the lovely rain smell they get in the basement and on the first floor of the building doesn't make it up to the third floor, leaving me with just stale, stagnant air.

There are bright spots. We had a lovely visit with Mike's mom and aunt this past weekend, and they brought me my first ever Easter basket, which has far too much candy for me to ever eat by myself. If you check the Picasa album under /Knitting and /Aquarium, you will see pictures of Mike modeling the completed Gryffindor scarf and the two female bettas we rescued from Walmart for the tank. The wayward rabbit is back home, hopefully not to be let go again, and with the treats I bought him. The barbecue isn't likely to blow up now. I have a wedding shower to go to not this but next weekend. The grass is green.

I feel like time just needs to stop for a little while. I feel like slamming some old iron farming implement that I don't know the name for into the ground and stopping the rotation of the earth for just a little while, so that my mind and body can catch up. I need to rest, and reset the window wells, and take up the flower bed, and flood any incipent wasp nests before Mike can follow through on his threat of a hand-held bug zapper rigged to get anything coming out of the hole under the stairs. I need to forget France right now, at least until I get the first postcard. I need to lose, and keep off, two kilograms, to encourage myself to keep at it. I need to plan at least a couple of dinners without cheese and tomatoes, because Dad will be here. And I need to avoid the puddles as I leave the building today, because I wore non-waterproof shoes.

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