Monday, May 28, 2007

Flatbreads and Fununderwear

I adore flatbreads. A quick snack is cheese and some manner of creamy dressing rolled up in one. Weekend breakfast consists of adding scrambled eggs to my standard snack wrap. I even occasionally spread peanut butter on one for something different. But I have been flatbreadless for over a week now, and not for lack of trying. The stores I've visited are out of my favourite kind and size. I had my weekend breakfast on Saturday on toast, which was much messier and just not the same. I'm trying to eat yoghurt as a snack, but it's just not nearly as satisfying as a few carbs. Hopefully this flatbread drought will end soon... I would hate to get so desperate as to buy the flavoured kinds.

One of my bras that actually fit broke a couple weeks ago; it started ripping at the seam between the strap and the band. So I had to go get a new one, and I did. But I got something else... FUNUNDERWEAR!!! If I wasn't so self-conscious about my weight, I would show it off to the world! It is so fun! It's amazing how much fununderwear affects your outlook. "Heeeheeeheee... I have a secret! And you just wish you could see it!" Ah well... For those who are interested, it's this bra in green. :D



Just you wait and see what Nathan and I got you and Mike in France! Hee hee hee.....

Queen of Swords

Hmm... I don't know whether to be curious or worried. And my Jones fortune yesterday was, "A tantalizing prospect will come your way soon." Maybe I should be worried. :)


HAH! Totally tantalizing! Now I really can't wait to give it to you guys!

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