Thursday, February 19, 2009

So much for saving that...

I came home today to this:

So the Vanilla Chai soy milk that was going to be for my drive to Calgary tomorrow got cracked open. It's not as good as alcohol to take the edge off, but I still need to cook, cast off the rest of Lisa's shawl, wash and block it and five scarves, have a visitor, arrange the car to transport two dogs and some dog food, and pack, so alcohol is kind of out of the question.

Also sorry for no meal plan for the day. Just am not up to it right now. It would include a highly caffeinated treat, though. Yummy, but HIGHLY caffeinated.

Okay, must... you know. Deal. With everything. If you're in Calgary, I'll be in the Red Gym at Uni all weekend. Come visit.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mini Bermuda Triangle

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, remains of V-day fruit platter
Lunch: Quinoa salad
Dinner: Shrimp and zucchini saute with green salad
Snacks: 10-layer dip, rice crackers
Liquids: ~0.5 L juice, so far
Treats: None
Exercise: 0.5 hour walk with Priest and Darwin, housecleaning

Has everyone found the new location for the blog? Post a comment or something so I know and can stop being paranoid, okay?

So after scrubbing the algae off the ornaments and plants from the tank yesterday, I came to the conclusion that a) I couldn't get them really clean anymore, and b) the scrubbing had started really taking the paint off. So it was time for a new look for the tank. Fast forward to the afternoon, and...

If not for the reflection, this would be an awesome picture of two of the yoyos checking out the new digs...

The two platies in the background there admiring the new backdrop.

It was also time to change the bulb in the light for the tank, and the only 18" one that Paradise had was the POWER-GLO. Now everything just POPS!

Our foster Darwin's been doing okay, but he's bored out of his tree here. Small backyard, little chance for walks last week between Mike's working late/after-work meetings, my trigger point injections, and the uncooperative weather. He's not interested in toys, and plays like a regular dog, which freaks Priest out so he doesn't play back. I'm tempted to arrange a play date for him tomorrow with Chester, just to keep him from going completely stir crazy.

I reffed at the Red Deer Open on Saturday, and am heading down to Calgary to DT the Don Laszlo Memorial Open for my old fencing club on Friday. Stop by the Uni if you want to visit a little! There's always downtime at DT.

There has been knitting, but no washing or blocking, so I don't have pictures. I hope to be done Lisa's shawl today, and will then set aside part of tomorrow night (unless I arrange the aforementioned play date) for washing and blocking five scarves and one shawl. I hope we don't have company this week, because the guest room will be full of drying knitting! And then there will be photos!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Spot five differences between the two pictures

Breakfast: Berry smoothie
Lunch: Chicken salad, mini cucumber
Dinner: Buffalo meatloaf with vegetables
Snacks: Yoghurt cup, apple, cheese
Liquids: 1x 500ml herbal tea, whatever I have tonight
Treats: None
Exercise: 0.5 hour walk with Priest and Darwin after dinner

Hmm... Something's different.

I can't quite put my finger on what it is...

Can you spot it?

No tree!

Which means no more dozen to twenty bags of leaves in the fall!

To heck with it

I was holding off on posting until I'd come up with a new and spiffy and customized banner image. Alas, inspiration, PhotoShop, and my paltry skills in that arena are not cooperating. So the banner may go through various phases of hideousness (like Priest's has done over the last week) before I settle on one. For now, it'll stay the stock image, and forgive me.

Monday, February 02, 2009


Breakfast: Berry smoothie
Lunch: Salad, almonds
Dinner: Ham with ratatouille
Snacks: Yoghurt cup, mini cucumber, almonds
Liquids: 1x 500ml herbal tea, 1x 500 ml water
Treats: None
Exercise: 0.5 hour walk with Priest

Priest spent his evening doing this:

I spent my evening doing this:

(No before shot, but count yourself lucky. It was horrid. I discovered washed but unfolded sheets...)

And turning this (looks up) into this (looks down).

In this picture, you can see the four scarves waiting to be washed and blocked on the front chair, and Lisa's shawl and maybe a little bit of Priest's sweater on the leather chair in the back. I put my spindles and spinning fibre to the other side of the chair.

Now, if only it could stay like this. :) But I feel very productive today.

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