Thursday, February 19, 2009

So much for saving that...

I came home today to this:

So the Vanilla Chai soy milk that was going to be for my drive to Calgary tomorrow got cracked open. It's not as good as alcohol to take the edge off, but I still need to cook, cast off the rest of Lisa's shawl, wash and block it and five scarves, have a visitor, arrange the car to transport two dogs and some dog food, and pack, so alcohol is kind of out of the question.

Also sorry for no meal plan for the day. Just am not up to it right now. It would include a highly caffeinated treat, though. Yummy, but HIGHLY caffeinated.

Okay, must... you know. Deal. With everything. If you're in Calgary, I'll be in the Red Gym at Uni all weekend. Come visit.



OH... MY... GOSH!!!

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