Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Winter That Was... I Hope

Breakfast: Berry smoothie
Lunch: Turkey sandwich (Silver Hills sprouted grain bread, don't worry, haven't lost my mind yet)
Dinner: Mock Moxie's Mayan Salad, California rolls
Snacks: 4 slices Jarlsberg cheese
Liquids: 500 ml herbal tea, 1 L water
Treats: XL Timmie's French Vanilla Cappucchino
Exercise: 0.5 hour walk with Priest

I've had about five posts in my head, but absolutely no inclination to post them. So hopefully now I'll find it again.

This has been a nice day. Monday and Tuesday were -30, though, so forgive me for being less than certain that winter has released his chokehold on Alberta. I live in eternal hope, though. Yesterday, the City did snow removal on our street. Snow removal means "scrape it up and pile it on the sides of the road, but not in people's driveways." Which left us with this...

Okay, now, I admit that I picked the biggest pile on the block to stand in front of, but even if I hadn't, it's still a lot of snow. And not just snow. Ice. Let's for a moment, take a look at the stratification of our driveway, shall we?

Their bulldozers cleared what four hours of my time couldn't. And you know why? Take a look at that. I know there's nothing for perspective, but that's about a half-inch of ice. Pure ice. Stuck - no, melded - to the driveway. Resisting all human attempts to dislodge it while temperatures remained below freezing. Tomorrow, on the other hand, they're calling for +6, and if the hot/cold treatment I'm giving my poor shoulder right now helps some, I might just go out and try to clear the sidewalk part of our driveway. Because, darn it, I tried before and had NO LUCK AT ALL. Well, that's a lie. I could clear about one square foot an hour. Darn winter...

Stay tuned for other posts. They're pretty good ones, I promise. Well worth the wait.


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