Monday, March 16, 2009

The Great Canadian Sing-Along Song Search

Breakfast: Berry smoothie
Lunch: Quinoa salad
Dinner: Beef kebabs with steamed vegetables
Snacks: Kiwi fruit, deli turkey with Jarlsberg cheese, the most amazing organic trail mix from Costco (darn it)
Liquids: 1 l herbal tea, 500 ml water
Treats: 2x Icy Squares chocolate (Priest had an accident in the house; I'm allowed)
Exercise: 0.5 hour walk with Priest after dinner (planned)

The consensus on the buttons was the bone type, and that's what I ended up going with. I washed it Saturday, and it's still drying, or I'd put it on Priest and send him outside into the backyard for a photoshoot in today's sunny weather, but sun also means below freezing, and the neck is still wet to the touch, so I'll cross my fingers for sunny weather again tomorrow. Gosh, I hope it worked out. If it doesn't, it's totally my fault, and not Terri's because the pattern is awesome, and I've never made a fitted garment in my life. As an aside, does anyone else think it's kind of funny that I knit my greyhound a sweater before I knit one for myself?

So Mike and I are going to the States here in about fifteen weeks, and one of the things I've been thinking about doing for my hosts (who are musically inclined) is to put together a Great Canadian Sing-Along Song CD for them. This is not as easy as it sounds. There's a lot of great Canadian music, but sing-along songs are a little rarer. But I've been putting a draft list together in my head, and two weekends ago when we were out and about, I mentioned the idea to Mike.

"That's a great idea," he said. "I'll help!"

"Okay!" I said, and mentioned some of the songs I'd been thinking about. "And I want to put on Lovers in a Dangerous Time by Barenaked Ladies."

"What?" he said. "I've never even heard of that. If you do a BNL song, it'd have to be Million Dollars..."

"Hmmm... Well, yeah, I guess. But I sing along to LiaDT all the time..."

"Oh! And we'll have to put on some Bob and Doug MacKenzie!"



"You can't sing along to Bob and Doug MacKenzie!"

"Sure you can. What about Take Off?"

"You can't sing along to Bob and Doug MacKenzie!"

"But you can sing along with Getty Lee!"


So Mike's list and my list will be... very different. I want to include some Jeff Healey (that's what started the whole idea anyway), but don't know which one. I also want to include some Great Big Sea, but the problem there is not that there are no sing-along songs, but there are so many! Which to choose... My list also includes some Bedouin Soundclash, Wintersleep, Feist, Bif Naked, and Finger Eleven, but those are the only ones I'm absolutely decided on. But that's not enough to fill a CD, and I know there are those out there reading with with their own opinions on the Great Canadian Sing-Along Song, who have gone to things like Folk Festivals and the like, and have maybe been able to listen to great Canadian artists with great Canadian sing-along songs that I've never heard. So if you want to be part of exposing some great American friends (and me) to great Canadian music, email me a suggestion or two or leave it in the comments.

Next post may or may not have knitting. We'll see. :)



Oh, my brain is humming with ideas! Maybe I should just make YOU a CD!!! Heehee. Or would that just confuse things further? Hmm, nope, better make you a CD ;)


Several classic must-haves: The Guess Who, American Woman
Bachman-Turner Overdrive: Taking Care of Business
Spirit of the West: Home for a Rest

I tend to agree with you about If I Had a Million Dollars over Lovers in a Dangerous Time. This is a singalong, after all!

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