Friday, March 13, 2009

The real question

Breakfast: Berry smoothie
Lunch: Mock Moxie's Mayan Salad
Dinner: More Mock Moxie's Mayan Salad, this time with shrimp!
Snacks: Kiwi fruit, deli turkey with Jarlsberg cheese
Liquids: 1 l herbal tea
Treats: XL Timmie's French Vanilla Cappucchino (again)
Exercise: None (long walk with Priest planned for tomorrow morning, resting the shoulder today)

So, I'm almost done knitting Priest's sweater. Two inches of straight, four inches of decreasing, and it's done! But, the real question is, which buttons?

The lovely, subtle, brown "bone" type ones?

Or the shiny, gold, Harvard sweater type ones?

Decisions, decisions...



I think I prefer the "bone" type ones...


I have used wooden ones on the sweaters I've made; I like the look of the "bone" ones. And they might be more secure to sew on instead of the loop on the back of the Harvard ones.

Also, how cute is Priest in his little booties in that last post?!

Today and yesterday were finally warm enough to take the poopers out for good long walks. They loved it!


My suggestion is to use the "bone"type buttons for your Priest's sweater - wich by the way has a lovely color :-)

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