Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Priest's sweater

Our funny dog. He does not like getting his picture taken. He looks away from the camera. But then it looks like, "Make sure you get my best side, Mummy!"

I'm pleased with just about everything about this sweater. Where the buttons are curls a bit, but even with the curl, there's not too much of his side showing, so I'll live with it. Or maybe I can figure out how to pick up stitches on the border and knit a garter edge... We'll see. I have enough yarn left over. The bellyband is nicely placed and snug to his belly, so little chance of him being able to pee on it. I didn't put a buttonhole in the sweater because he likes his ears out whenever he can manage it anyway, so we'll always be leaving the sweater in its preppy Harvard turtleneck style. When rolled up, the collar covers his head nicely, so that might work for shoving him out into the backyard on cold windy days. The collar fit nicely above the rolled-down neck, though, and I'm pleased with the way the whole sweater hung on him throughout the walk.

He looks so uncertain here. "Mummy, I thought we were going for a walk..."

Mike and I anthropomorphise Priest probably a lot more than we should, but he makes it so easy... When we started on the walk, he was dragging behind me, which is completely abnormal for the start of a walk. I figure it's because the sweater felt weird, moving differently than his winter coat, so he was getting used to it. But it totally felt like he was saying, "Mummy... All the other boys are gonna laugh at me. I look like a DORK in my preppy sweater!" Oh, he made me laugh... By the midpoint of the walk, he'd gotten used to it and was out in front of me like normal.

I think he's totally sexy in his preppy Harvard turtleneck, though. :)

I have more hilarious Priest pictures from last night, but they're still on the camera, and have nothing to do with the sweater. I'll give you a hint, though. I was tempted to start calling him "Edward."



that sweater looks wonderful! It fits him like a glove and the colour is greyt. He's very handsome! (I tried to leave a comment on his blog but I couldn't get the comments to work.)

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