Monday, February 02, 2009


Breakfast: Berry smoothie
Lunch: Salad, almonds
Dinner: Ham with ratatouille
Snacks: Yoghurt cup, mini cucumber, almonds
Liquids: 1x 500ml herbal tea, 1x 500 ml water
Treats: None
Exercise: 0.5 hour walk with Priest

Priest spent his evening doing this:

I spent my evening doing this:

(No before shot, but count yourself lucky. It was horrid. I discovered washed but unfolded sheets...)

And turning this (looks up) into this (looks down).

In this picture, you can see the four scarves waiting to be washed and blocked on the front chair, and Lisa's shawl and maybe a little bit of Priest's sweater on the leather chair in the back. I put my spindles and spinning fibre to the other side of the chair.

Now, if only it could stay like this. :) But I feel very productive today.



Looks fabulous! Isn't it a nice feeling?

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