Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sicilian Kiss = equal parts Southern Comfort and Amaretto -> good painkiller

Breakfast: Yoghurt
Lunch: Tim Horton's Chili w/ Trail Mix Cookie
Dinner: Beef stroganoff with basmati rice, green salad
Snacks: Apple with Saint Andre triple cream cheese, mini-cuke and yoghurt cup
Liquids: 2x 500ml herbal tea,
Treats: TBA
Exercise: TBA

I know, I know. I was on a roll there. But trust me, ladies and gentlemen, Friday's post wouldn't have been worth reading, and it's been busy busy since. Friday I dropped Banner off at his new foster home/maybe forever home. I had his new foster mummy walk him around the house, where he studiously ignored the cats, was gentle with the kids, and seemed quite taken with the girl greyhound there. Then I brought his bed, food, and bag 'o' stuff in. And as I put my shoes back on, he stood next to his new foster mummy, head down, not even looking at me. Guilt-tripped by a dog. I gave him a kiss and left, then came home and poured myself 3 oz of alcohol to soothe my aching ankle and aching heart. Friday's post would have been about how hard it is to foster a dog, especially a dog that fits in. I know we don't have room for a second, and I know that Banner, with being cat/kid/small animal/bird-safe, would have been wasted at our house, but that doesn't make it any easier. Even knowing that because he is that kind of dog means he won't be in foster care for very long doesn't make it any easier. He came to us underfed and attention starved. I feel so strongly that he deserves a home, and I really, really hope that this either works out, or he gets one quickly.

After that was a day of cleaning, a day at the Pet Expo, a 9 hour day working from home, and then returning to work. Once I rescue pictures from the camera, Priest will talk about his shift at the Pet Expo. I took the car in middayish on Monday, because without power steering, I wasn't enthused about driving it during rush hour on Tuesday. It turns out they booked me in for Wednesday. I told them I needed the car back by Friday. I got a shuttle ride home, and an hour later he called me to say it was done. ... A-R-G-H. Why bother making appointments, then? The problem was the clamp that held a hose on to the power steering module. The clamp was not strong enough to hold it on. They replaced it with a stronger clamp. It makes me laugh every time I think about it.

Yesterday, I took the spindles to knitting and got some help tying on the leaders. Those who know a bit about spinning, the first thing they said was, "Does your dad take orders?" Then I tried it with non-crap fibre, and it turns out I can actually spin, kinda! I'm going to bring the big one down to Calgary tomorrow and show Dad how it works (which is like a dream). Noro Kureyon scarf should be done tonight and I should be able to wear it unblocked to Calgary, and then the focus will be on Priest's sweater, because darn it the weather isn't cold enough for his winter jacket, and too cold to really go nekkid (Nekkid hound! Shocking!). Then I just need to tidy and clean the guestroom so I can wash and block the mmmmMalabrigo Thunderstorm and the Noro Scarf. I want to frog the two snoods I made for Priest before I discovered the concept of tension and redo them, or recycle the yarn for something else since they don't quite work for him anyway. And I learned today that a friend of mine desperately needs a big, comfy shawl, even if she doesn't know it yet, so I need to figure that out too. I'm thinking this one, since it's easy lace and done in aran/worsted weight yarn, in a soft yellow or green.

I'm also thinking to add writing exercises to my weekly routine. Once the library is tidied, I should have a nice spot to do it in as well. I know this will be very welcome by, oh, just about everyone, so stay tuned.


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