Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's a whole food revolution!

Get it? Get it? It's a whole food revolution, or it's a whole food revolution! Ha ha ha ha! Ha...

Okay, never mind.

Truth is, we have switched to a more whole food diet, and currently are avoiding wheat/rice with an increase in fruits and veggies for carbohydrates. And you know what? I'm less tired, feeling less hungry or tied to strict mealtimes, and I'm feeling good. Like, good. Good. Not great, yet, but I haven't felt good for a long time, so I'll take any improvement.

I am contemplating several things, including a redesign for the blog, and posting more. I know, shocking. As for redesign, I can't find a free XML template that I like and I am a) not a graphic designer, and b) not an XML programmer, so that leaves me limited... But I'll keep looking.

We currently have a foster dog in our midst: Banner. Banner is... well...

Yes, that is his tongue sticking out the side of his mouth. Banner is a super sweet dog and I'm finding it very difficult not to bond with him. He is gentle, cat/dog/bird/kid-safe, and has so many goofy and endearing mannerisms that I just can't tell you. He and Priest get along just fine. But he'll be moving to either another foster home or a forever home at the end of the month, as we've been almost positively tagged to foster a young, skittish girl just up from the States, who needs a calm, quiet place to discover herself and her confidence.

It's spring-warm here in Edmonton, which won't last, so we'll have to get the five inches of packed snow off the driveway while we can. My hands are pretty bruised from the three hours I was at it today, but I'll be back out there again tomorrow.

I have also finished two scarves over the last little while that I need to get pictures taken of so I can post them. They are both very pretty, and I'm so pleased to be finishing things! Now, if only I could finish my afghan...

Time to rest, to be ready for ice chipping, house cleaning, and dog walking tomorrow! Toodles!



In the land of Sabrina, we call that "gump tongue". (as in Forrest) Banner Gump!! He's simply adorable.

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