Thursday, August 07, 2008

More on dogs

Priest and I went for our walk this morning, as Red once again declined to join us for our 5:30 am stroll. Priest was his regular self, sniffing, walking beside me, walking ahead of me. He knew the route, knew which places he wanted to use as washrooms, and wasn't waiting for or watching Red. It was a nice walk.

We will foster Mesa. Mesa will stay in foster care until she's adopted, and while I don't think it's necessarily good to have a dog in limbo for so long, she will be safe and homed until she finds her forever home. But we wanted to start fostering, and if we chip, we chip. If we don't, we're still doing a good thing. I love Priest. I am confident and content in that.

We're FINALLY getting rid of the old couch and chair today. What a process. I'll be glad to have my living room back!


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