Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Possibly a bad idea...

This may be a bad idea, or may be the best idea, but Mesa needs a foster home for two weeks starting this weekend, and then if she's not adopted, she will be transferred to Calgary, where there may be forever people who can look past the fact that she's always going to limp and see the amazing dog she is. And since Red goes home Thursday, and we're going to Calgary in two weeks, it seems rather fortuitous.

The adoption reps said that they've had some inquiries about Mesa, but the minute people see her leg, they start to ooo and aahh and feel sorry for her. She walks on the leg, runs on the leg, does stairs on the leg, and hasn't found anything to be an obstacle. Yes, she limps. She's got tendon damage! But she is not defined by the limp any more than I am defined by my chronic pain or Mike is defined by his, and it certainly doesn't stop us from living. Pain or injury is not an end to life, but a boundary to be respected as you live. Pain clinic allowed me to put that into words. It holds true for people and for dogs (or cats, or birds, or any living thing). /end soapbox

I know. I'm crazy to foster a dog that I'm obsessed with. *sigh* But one's gotta be the first, right? Why not one that I understand?



Sounds an awful lot like you're going to adopt another greyhound pretty soon... be careful! ;)


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