Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I got stung!

So we went to pick up Mesa on Saturday morning. There was a wasp nest underneath their front door. When it came time to go out to the Priestmobile, the lady asked us if we wanted to go out through the garage, to avoid said nest. "Oh, no," says I. "I'm not afraid of them."

I know. I totally jinxed myself.

Thirty years of not being stung by bee or wasp came to an end within a few seconds of setting foot outside that door. And you know what?

DAMN! Does it hurt!

First it hurt. Then it stung. Then it ached (my entire leg). I iced it so I could sleep that night. By the second day, I had a rash. I've recovered now, but now I have multitudes of mosquito bites to deal with. I can't win.

Mesa is settling in well. She's such a resilient and happy dog. Which is good, because I'm pretty sure this isn't her forever home. She'd do so much better in a house with children, and is independent enough to be an only dog. But seriously. She's such a personality. Why has she not been adopted? I'm going to send an update from foster mom to the adoption rep to add to the website. Maybe it'll help.

Priest and Mesa went to the vet yesterday to get their nails trimmed. Mesa's were so long, I didn't dare touch them. Well, they cut three of Priest's quicks, and then didn't tell me. So I took the dogs to the arena afterwards, and then they came home and were playing upstairs, and when I went up there, there were blood spots all over the carpet. Thanks, vet people. I don't mind (to a certain extent) that you cut the quicks, but at least tell me so I can adjust my plans and maybe expect some bloody carpet... *sigh*

We also took apart the upstairs bathroom sink last night. That was an adventure in disgusting-land. But the sink actually drains now, so it was worth it.

In random otherness, I can't get my head around this. How do you make yarn out of milk? And can you get it wet?



I feel your pain about the wasp sting - they really do hurt for days after! I got stung on a bike ride a few weeks ago(it got in between my sunglasses and eyebrow and stung hard) and had to take some Benadryl to de-puff my eye. I still have a little scab (ick) there.

Oh, poor Priest - and how come they didn't use some styptic powder/pencil to stop the bleeding? Those nails can spew blood like crazy!

And yes, yarn from MILK?! That's just crazy talk!

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