Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A variety post

I do so detest being sick. I especially detest the types of sickness that don't seem to get any better, really, just sort of hang around and leave you feeling that, though you have more energy, better is still a long, long way off, and not a word you would apply to your situation.

Daily I go home and turn trepidatiously to the backyard. One day, the big tree in the park behind our house will join its fellows in deciding it's fall, and we'll have to break in our new leaf rake. Multiple times, I'm sure. So far, I live in a state of constant anticipation. We'll see if today is the day.

I had thought that knitting a blanket would be a good way to stay warm during the winter. As it grows larger, it covers more and more of your lap, and doubles as both a project, and a heat retainer. And in theory, that works. If you're knitting a blanket in rows, it works in practice. If you're knitting a blanket in the round, what you really end up with is a little hat. Which grows to a bigger hat, but by no stretch of the imagination will likely be a heat retainer, despite trying. I am midway through colour 2. Pictures of the little hat as soon as I can pull them from the camera.

In other news, tomorrow, Mike and I are going to the NAIT store. I have a sneaking suspicion he wants to take me there so that I get my own hoodie and stop stealing his, but it should be fun anyway. Then to Kingsway and House of Spoons to get something to hang his repro katana from the wall with, and we should have a fairly fruitful afternoon.

And an RIP today. Pale the snail passed away last week. We are sad.


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