Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sacre Bleu!

In just over a week, I turn 29 years old, and begin the hard work of making it through my 30th year on this planet. Good heavens. I think that that is a place I don't really want to go right now, as it is full of questions of what have I done with 30 years, why aren't I in this place or that place, what on earth am I going to do for the next thirty, and so on and so forth. I would really rather enjoy the moment, so I will attempt to do that.

This weekend is a long one, and thank goodness, because I really want to kick this leftover cough that has me out of commission for about fifteen minutes to half an hour each night, hacking up a lung or two, and I think I just need to rest. To that end, Mike and I have been doing some tidying/cleaning/chores each day this week when we get home. I may still have to put aside two or three hours this weekend to clean the bathrooms and kitchen, but at least it's not the whole house! We do have some plans, though. There is no yoga, sadly, so we're going to go down and check out the indoor farmer's market instead, to see if any of our favourite sellers are there. All the ones we asked last weekend said they weren't going to be. :( We're also going to order in one night, for an unspecified celebration (can't tell yet), and we're likely going to go to Rona to buy a snowblower before there's actual snow to blow. Mike has requested a turkey dinner one night, to celebrate our first Thanksgiving in the house, which will necessitate a trip to the grocery store and probably a roaster purchase, since we don't have one. I'm considering finally making wontons as well, and possibly bagels. And, we bought this! So we'll probably put that together on Monday, which Mike has suggested be a pyjama day. :) I do believe that our first cookie house deserves a full photo progression and post, so stay tuned!

There's a lot of food in the above plans, I notice. I was complimented on my cooking the other day. Apparently, word of my prowess in the kitchen is making its way through our virtual circle of friends, only one pair of which have actually partaken of it. Of course, if promise of good food is enough to get more of them to come visit... Personally, I feel my claim to fame is being able to follow a recipe and not be afraid to experiment with spices. I'm by no means a gourmet. But I do like good food. Hmm...

I've sent some mail these last few days, and in doing so I've discovered how much I've missed sending mail. This doesn't mean that all of you will be deluged with cards and letters, as my hands still can't handle a whole ton of writing. But we do have a printer now, and there is much tidyness on the dining room table, so you may see more things coming from the house. I make no promises, but I have missed it.

And on a final note, I must link-share something I found on Rampant Bicycle's blog. OMG, do I want some of this! I mean, what self-respecting PIRATE wouldn't?


Apartment Girl

Darnit, I was hoping you guys wouldn't come across that boingboing link!!!

Queen of Swords

But, but, but... It's PIRATE pottery! It's... pirate POTTERY! And did you see his oriental stuff? Amazing!

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