Sunday, October 29, 2006

Once again...

According to the doc, I'm fit as a fiddle, if a bit overweight. Of course, we still need to see the results of the tests (didn't completely freak out about the needle this time! Had a great nurse, though), but if there's nothing there, and I'm still feeling tired and such in a month, I have a follow-up appointment, where we will discuss alternatives. Not medications! Man, this guy is cool. He'd rather try to help without medication first, and then medicate if needed. That makes me so happy! I hate being medicated. So, anyway, I'm going to try and make myself better by eating well, trying to sleep regular hours, continue with yoga and pilates, and reward myself every now and again.



Hello Vanessa. Have just go my own home-connection. Wanted to see pictures from the wedding, but saw your "screaming for something you can`t understand". The feeling of beeing tired after a nights sleep, the pain your farfar called "flyvegigt" and his sister, Faster Grethe
after living with it for 50 years at last just as I myself got a diagnosis for, Fibromyalgi. If that is what you got, I feel sorry for you, but also glad because you already know that the best you can do is what you already does. And:: I had it worse from 40 to 50 years of ages. The last teen years have been much better. I have been able to work full time and although my sosial life is not as I wish it could be, learning to say NO has been the most importnant word Before it was always Yes, but we have to see to thr fact that our body need more rest but also moderate exercise than other. Hope you get this. My adress is.
ps. I did not find the pictures


Glad to hear you've got an awesome doctor in St. Albert that you trust. He sounds like a guy who wants to get to the bottom of your problems and not just a "take a pill and call me in the morning" type of guy. Good for you for taking steps to treat yourself well. Reading Inger's comment, I had to nod when she said that learning to say NO is very important. It is difficult, but your health depends upon it, and with time you will not feel guilty about it.
Love, Mom

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