Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thanksgiving Hallowe'en fun!

I did promise a cookie house progression! It turned out to be more of a one-person project than a two-person, though I did ice half the roof. In the end, Mike did most of the work, though I was nearby. I spent most of Thanksgiving Monday in the kitchen while Mike was in the dining room. Dishes got done, icing got made, and so did wontons! Oh, they are soooooooo delicious, and EASY! :) Thanksgiving dinner was stuffing, pseudo-mashed potatoes, and Mustard Sauced Chicken, with turkey breast substituted for the chicken. It was a slightly rude awakening on Sunday when we went out to buy a turkey, only remember (on my part) that whole turkeys are always frozen, and we'd never get it defrosted for Monday. Turkey breast it was! And while the potatoes were mostly raw, and so did not mash worth anything, dinner was delicious. And now, on to the cookie house!

Stage 1
It stands! Mike did an excellent job of trimming the pieces and icing them together to form the house.

Stage 2
One window. Ooooo... Scary...

Stage 3
Front side nearly finished decorating, with the carnage of actual making around it. Nope, doesn't look like the box at all. Still looks good. :)

Stage 4
The artist hard at work.

Stage 5
The ultra-creative back side of the house in progress.

Finished Front
The finished front of the house.

Finished Back
The finished back of the house. I still need to go home today and dye coconut green for the grass.

On a final note, we have created a memorial to our aquarium friends who have passed on. It seemed appropriate, if slightly morbid, but the time was right to find a gravestone decoration. Now we need to find a shelf to add to the wall above our 20g tank, so it can have a permanent home.

Aquarium Graveyard

There is another post forthcoming, either today or tomorrow, which will not be nearly as light-hearted, as it deals with the topic of body image. Stay tuned!


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