Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wedded bliss

The wedding was wonderful. I really cannot do it justice today, but wanted to post that it was. And because it was wonderful, I really can't complain about catching a cold at it. But I did want to poll my readers who were also guests at the wonderful event and see if they too have gotten a cold. I have on good authority that the bride, groom, bride's mother, bride's father, and bride's uncle caught some manner of virus since that day. :)

For a more detailed account of the day than I can manage right now, as well as some photos, see Gill's blog.


Apartment Girl

Yup, I caught something! I've been feeling achy and generally ill these past few days. I was going to blame the ladies at work, but now I'm totally blaming the Bride and Groom :P Or, ya know, myself for standing in the cold in a dress....


Yup, Heather caught something too. I've been immune so far, but I'm not expecting that to last...


I'm in the same boat brad is I think...


Apartment Girl

It has attacked my parents also... Mmmm, Wedding Plague...

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