Monday, September 11, 2006

I made this!

Truly! The Damnabe Shawl is finished! And it's HUGE! But oh so pretty. And in true fashion, I did something nasty to my lower back finding and snipping off the yarn ends as it was spread out on the dining room table, which prevented me from cleaning the bathrooms yesterday. *sigh* If it's psychosomatic, it's completely unconscious, because even though I don't enjoy cleaning bathrooms, I want to clean them! Ah well. Back to the shawl. So. It's done! And since the wedding is out of doors and in a grassy field, I don't think wearing it as to the left here is advisable, so I'm going to fold it in half and wear it as shown below. :) So... the next project. You can see in the background the next in my series of ocean-pallat doilies for the "good china," but those are small and easily completed. I want to do something like this, as I am getting kind of tired of wearing my fleece jacket at work all the time. However, purchasing another project is not in the cards right now. So, I will probably do this, since I've bought the kit already, and have started the second colour from the centre. Of course, I'm a much better knitter now, so may just tear the whole thing up and start again. :) But the nice thing is, no deadline!

The weekend is coming up quickly, and I'm sketching out in my head the things I'm going to say, both in my role as "co-bus entertainer" and "Master of Ceremonies." I find myself feeling a little bit... well, my self-esteem is tenuous right now. Seven and a half days of cafeteria food during fencing camp threw my tenuous hold over my weight gain out the window, and I feel like a whale. It makes me slightly uncomfortable. Good news is, Mike and I are signed up for a weekly 90 minute yoga class. Bad news is, it starts the week after I get up in front of everybody feeling like a whale. *sigh* Alas. But I will survive, and hopefully the weekly exercise, and if I can start walking three days a week as well, will have me feeling less like a blue whale and more like a dolphin by the time Christmas rolls around.

And for those who were perhaps wondering, Mike's mom's surgery went well, and she's recovering nicely. I will keep you posted!



Hey Ness, I think Gill has most of the bus ride (both directions) planned, so you'll need to let her know what you want to do, and make sure it fits.
See you in a few days!

Apartment Girl

Heck, we can plan it on the fly, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve. We need a butterfly net, an ice cream sundae and pack of playing cards. Heh heh, kidding.
Shawl looks LOVELY, I will see you Saturday!


The shawl looks fantastic- nice work! Glad you got it finished in time. Sorry to hear about your back, though!

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