Friday, September 01, 2006

My Goals* for the Weeked

* denotes hopes, dreams, and other unrealistic aspirations

1. Finish the damnable shawl!
2. Clean the house!
3. Get all the recycling done!
4. Get the games room tidied up so that Mike and I can do physio exercises there!
5. Cook gourmet food every night!
6. Wake up not feeling exhausted!

My More Realistic List of Goals for the Weekend

1. Get the body of the damnable shawl done.
2. Get the recycling and composting to the depots without putting my back out or otherwise hurting myself further than I already am.
3. Possibly sweep/wash the main floor's floor. Maybe clean the bathrooms. Maybe. Definitely clean the fish tanks.
4. Push stuff to the sides of the games room so there's some space to exercise.
5. Pft. You're kidding, right?
6. Wake up. Despite the pain, I'm glad to do that every day.


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