Thursday, March 01, 2007

Third Eye Open

Since I had my third eye reopened nearly a week ago, I have felt much calmer and more centred. I will not put into words here exactly what my herbologist and I talked about and what happened in his room there, because every time I retell the story, it just sounds more and more strange. But I can talk about the effects. The physical is still there (my arms still hurt, my back is still tight, though my wonderful MT actually made progress during my massage yesterday), but it's much more bearable than it was. I received a letter at work yesterday that might have upset me considerably had I received it the week before. As it stands, though, I have found myself laughing, albeit humourlessly, about it from time to time, and prefer instead to concentrate on the thank you note I also received yesterday.

Maybe I don't believe in it. I mean, auras, third eyes, universal energy and connection... It sounds kind of hinky, to pirate a pretty good word. But I think, on some level at least, I do believe it. The effects of this kind of spiritual awakening and tuning has had on me over the years are not to be discounted, even if they are invisible.

So I will try to remain centred. When a situation comes that threatens the balance I have just started to regain, I will close my eyes and think, as Sheila suggested, "Third eye open. Third eye open. Happy scarf, happy scarf, happy scarf." I know the balance is precarious right now. I feel that, though I can't describe what it feels like or how I know. I also feel the energy in me again. I just have to keep myself open to it, and not allow myself to close off as I did before. I am in this plane, but it must not own me. I need to stay open to the others, or I will go crazy, as I was well on my way to doing.

Third eye open.

Stay open.

P.S. I must share this levity, though: Nathan, upon hearing about my problems with my third eye, said, "Shouldn't you see an optometrist for that?" Heehee...


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