Thursday, March 08, 2007

Things change starting tomorrow!

I have one all-important task when I get home today, and that is to pack my gym bag for tomorrow. Things are changing! No, not a new program (just got a new one, thankfully), but I'm changing everything from the waist down! Except underwear...

I've decided to start wearing fencing socks, breeches, and shoes to the gym, in addition to the fencing T-shirt I usually wear. Yes, I'm fully aware this will garner more than one strange look from anyone working out at the same time. But I think this is a step I need to take to be successful at this.

First, I'm used to sweating in those clothes. That's huge. Second, I enjoy wearing those clothes. Mostly, I enjoyed them because I got to fence, but in the absence of being able to do that, the clothes will hopefully prove to be a good reminder of exactly why I'm doing this thing that, let's face it, I hate. Third, they go all the way down. The friction burns I got on my inner thighs that one day really put an impetus on making this clothing change... Fourth, and final, I have to wear in my fencing shoes for the day I actually fence again!

Will this work? No idea. I'm not entirely happy with this gym. I question whether or not the trainers could actually deal with an athlete, but I've never been pleased with any of the trainers who have tried to design programs for me in the past. The two-week cycle of progress checks hasn't materialized, and I'm not sure if it's my responsibility or theirs to ask for it. I don't really care. I measure my progress by my weekly weigh-in and the way my pants feel, and both are still about the same. But I've paid for the year, so I will continue to go. The equipment is fine and the location is perfect. If need's be, I will cycle through their standard programs until I finally convince them to tailor one for me, or alternately, my membership runs out.

Edmonton is doing a fair interpretation of spring. It was raining this morning, and I expect the residual ice on the driveway to have disappeared by the time I make it home. And, of course, they've shut off the air system in the building due to the continued roof repair (!), so it's stuffy and hot in the building. Ah... spring.

In other news, Team Alberta Fencing got FOUR MEDALS yesterday at the Canada Winter Games! Two gold (Team MF, Team WE), one silver (Team WS), one bronze (Team MS)! They've already far exceeded my expectations for them! I'm so proud. :) All the indvidual events and two more team events are left. Go Alberta go!


Strawberry Blue Viking

One things I've learned about exercising: if you don't like it, you won't do it. I've also found that if you don't like what you're doing, you won't try as hard or push yourself and you won't get the results you're looking for. But I guess since you've paid for the year, you'd better go. In the mean time though, try and find something that you enjoy doing that gets you moving. It doesn't have to be a sport or gym-like. Gardening, for example, is supposed to be a good workout. One more tidbit of information. If you do the exact same workout/exercise day in and day out, you will only achieve results to a certain point. The muscles you're working get used to it and then they kind of stop improving. The trick is to vary the activity, work different muscles in different ways and vary the intensity. Those are what I've learned over time. Hopefully, it can give you some further direction!

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