Thursday, March 29, 2007

More miscellany

1. *whine* *sniffle* I have to call the Red Deer Chapters and see if they're having a midnight party on the Friday night. The camp counselors can take care of the kiddies, and I can hop up on caffeine and adrenaline, right? Right?

2. And more Harry Potter:

Current progress on the first donation scarf. And yes, the second gold band is one row short. I miscounted somehow... It takes me an hour to do one band (19 bands per scarf), and I do half an hour a day (if I remember to take both my breaks) five days a week, plus more on weekends if I cart it home and have time. Now the question is, once this one is done, which one should I do next? Slytherin? Hufflepuff? Ravenclaw? So many choices! I think Hufflepuff, so I can wear it before donation to the party at the Red Deer Chapters, should I decide to go. I'm actually getting used to the idea of being in Hufflepuff. Badgers rock. But if I were to only get two done, I think it should probably be Gryffindor and Slytherin... What do you think, dear readers?

3. I came across a post at a friend's old blog that I've really been thinking about in relation to, well, a lot of people in my life. I look around. At 18, I wanted to be a journalist. I'm now an executive director in sporting non-profit. How many of us are doing now what we set out to do at the starry-eyed age of 18? And if we are still doing that, is it time to take a step back and say, "Is this truly where I want to be? Is this making me happy?" If the answer is yes, then more power to you! But if no... I think about this especially in light of Jen's current situation. I think about telling her to apply for work in a yarn store, or start an online company importing nifty yarns from North America to England, or some such, because that seems to be something she really enjoys right now. But I also think she really, really enjoys academia, so I don't quite know what to offer her besides quiet support. *sigh*

4. I think I need to consider another timepiece. My wrists are still pretty swollen on a daily basis, so I find I'm taking my watch off pretty much as soon as I get to work. Pocketwatch? Nurse's watch? Cellphone as watch? It's odd... Handwriting seems to hurt my hands, but knitting doesn't if I'm careful about posture.

5. And now, for those who might be interested, and just because I want to put it out there, a measurement comparison. Let me preface this by saying that my friend Barb will be making me a new program for the gym shortly.

9 January23 March
Upper Arm13"12.75"
ABD (?)43.5"43.5"
Body Fat45.245.1
Weight223.8 lb224.2 lb



#2 Can you consult with other donators? If most people are going down that path (Gryffindor and Slytherin) then the other two houses could end up very under represented. That may not be an issue if the recipients only want to be the good guys or the bad guys and not one of the supporting houses.

#4 The lanyard watch looks neat. A pocket or belt watch (think a watch attached to a carabiner) would work pretty good to, assuming you have a belt/belt loop to attach it to. The trick is to remember to transfer it between clothes every day and to not wash it. Maybe look for something waterproof just in case.

Queen of Swords

Hmm... The problem, anonymous, is that I think I'm the only one doing this. Most of the other donations to the silent auction take the form of association swag, or in the case of the Writer's Guild and Young Alberta Book Society, books by local authors. There have been a few things in the past that are not (someone donated some landscape photographs, I saw a Christmas box with handmade cards and ornaments last year), but I think I'm alone on this one...

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