Friday, March 26, 2004

Nathan should not have worried last night about injuring me as we practiced parrying whips. Really. I'm quite capable of injuring myself more severely on my own. No bruises from all my mal-parries last night, so to make up for it, I had a run-in with a door this morning. My left thumb is now essentially immobilised and extremely unhappy with me. I even had to fill out an accident report for work. "Nature of injury: bleeding from under nail, bruising and swelling in knuckle, reduced mobility of digit in both joints due to slight swelling. Description of circumstances: Someone opened the door as I was reaching for the doorknob. My thumb took the force of it." I feel so stupid, but I didn't know he was coming. Owwwwww... It's hard to type when you're trying to ice a finger.

Someone out there is looking out for me, though. At least it was my off hand!


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