Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vacation, Day 3

1. Woke up when Mike came to bed at 2. Spent an hour thinking about the garage, Harry Potter, and WoW, but more often than not, about work. Tried to stop thinking about work various times.
2. Got up at 8 and went straight to the garage after breakfast. Nearly finished painting the part of the walls I couldn't reach before Mike left for work.
3. Spent the next three hours painting the ceiling of the garage. Rediscovered why I hate painting ceilings.
4. Discovered that I didn't have enough primer for a second coat. Contemplated this while painting the ceiling. Decided to do a generous topcoat instead of a second coat of primer, as couldn't face doing the ceiling more than twice, and have to have the painting done by Friday.
5. Finished the ceiling. Too tired to do a happy dance.
6. Did the cut painting around the top and bottom of the garage. Discovered that I much prefer using a paintbrush to a roller any day of the week, even with the climbing up and down the ladder.
7. Surveyed my work. Decided to ask Mike to tie me up until I come to my senses if I ever contemplate doing a project this big in four days ever again.
8. Shower. Gooooooooooooooooood...
9. Talked to Dad. He's coming up two days early. Yay!!! He tells me to reprioritize on getting the house ready.
10. Ate lunch and read some Harry Potter until Mike comes home for lunch.
11. Cut up bananas and ham.
12. Counted the bags of wood pellets in the garage.
13. Finished cleaning the house except for the bathrooms. Have set aside Friday morning for that.
14. Went with Mike to Canadian Tire for paint and bins for the wood pellets.
15. Went out for dinner with Mike's work. Free food. :)
16. Back home to upload photos and post before crashing.



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