Monday, June 25, 2007

Vacation, Day 1

1. Stay in bed a tiny bit longer.
2. Clean Beamer's fish tank.
3. See Mike off to work.
4. Cut rediscovered pieces of moulding to fit around the garage windows.
5. Cut replacement pieces of drywall for the water-damaged corner.
6. Say goodbye to the large pile of stuff to go to the dump.
7. Sweep the garage floor, brush down the walls, get all dusty.
8. Fill in the bigger holes in the walls. Discover more drywall panels to get replaced.
9. Discover that the poly filler doesn't dry very quickly. Retreat to the house, as can't paint the first coat.
10. Bring more moulding up from downstairs for the remaining window and door. Will cut it to size tomorrow.
11. Have a well-deserved shower.
12. Wrap wedding present while Mike eats lunch.
13. Show Mike the garage. Fill another hole.
14. Try to call the government to let them know I've paid them back. Since when is a 1 800 number busy all the time?
15. Nearly finish reading Order of the Phoenix. Still didn't cry when Sirius dies.
16. Get another quote on eavestroughing.
17. Cook dinner and eat it.
18. Rest.

For photos of the garage-type exploits, click here. Another update tomorrow!



Sounds like you got a lot done! But I have to say, what shocked me the most was your post time: 11:48pm! You stayed up late! =D Can't wait to see the progress on the garage this weekend. See you soon!

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