Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vacation, Day 2

Vacation, Day 1 Addendum:

10a. Cracked a nail. Barely salvageable. Must attempt to safeguard the rest until the manicure on Friday.
14a. Cleaned the basement. It is now ready for visitors.

The things you forget that you've done late at night...

Vacation, Day 2

1. Woke up at 7:15 to call the government. Only took two tries to get through!
2. Went to Totem and got three 2' x 4' pieces of drywall and some finishing nails.
3. Got some groceries before going home.
4. Cut remaining lengths of moulding for third window and door. Adding the ones to the door will be interesting.
5. Tore out first piece of damaged drywall.
6. Cut new piece of drywall.
7. Fit new piece in place.
8. Forced to admit that I do not have the upper body strength to get screws into the studs behind the drywall. Give up on the drywall part. Must bribe someone else to do it for me. ;)
9. Started the first coat of primer. Broom handle promptly falls out of the roller. Very annoyed. Can only paint as high as I can reach.
10. Skip lunch to finish the first half of the first coat of primer. Must buy new broom handle before tomorrow.
11. Cut paint everything I can reach. Estimate that one coat of paint will take about five litres of paint. Must go buy a bit more at some point.
12. Have a shower. Begin to reconsider the "do everything this week and rest next week" plan, as have trouble standing in the shower. Revise it to continue to do the garage, make the house presentable on Friday morning before chiro, and do any deep cleaning next week.
13. Lay on the bed cursing gravity.
14. Eat a little bit. Call Dad about shelves in the Totem flyer. He tells me to check and see if the broom handle in the house broom unscrews, thereby making it so I don't have to drive somewhere else today!
15. Upload new pictures and post to the weblog. Am considering doing the dishes in a couple hours, and contemplating something simple for dinner, as Mike won't be home until 9. Until then, some rest is in order. :)




Wow, you don't sit still very much when you have a project, do you ;-) It looks fabulous what you've accomplished so far. Can't wait to see the "new" garage!

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