Friday, January 12, 2007

Yarn mecca, or Mike wants a scarf

Before going out to snowblow the driveway after the minor blizzard we had, Mike turns to me. "I need a scarf!" he says.

"A scarf?"

"Yeah, a black one. Something I can wrap around my face for when I go out there."

"Well, I can knit you one."

"Okay! Go, do it right now!"


In the end, he went out with a my 3 foot long elf toque in the place of a scarf, and I went to the local yarn mecca yesterday.

Yes. A Yarn Mecca. Four rooms full, FULL mind you, of the most wonderful colours, textures, materials, all in strands, all available for the fondling. Saturday last, I went to find a small enough circular needle for the Harry Potter scarves, and impressed myself by walking out with... only the needles. But yesterday, not so. No, I walked out with another pair of circular needles, and 600 metres of black alpaca wool yarn. Yesterday, I wrapped 200 metres into a centre-pull ball, which will take up my down time this weekend. I am in Red Deer presiding my first tournament. Wish me luck!

In other news, this resort in St. Lucia offers included spa treatments, wonderful food, guest ages of 16 or over, a labyrinth, free weddings with stays over 7 days, and fencing lessons. Sadly, it may be out of our price range... Yes, we're actually starting to sort of kind of think about it. :)



Dude! Fencing lessons! You'll need witnesses to sign your certificate, right?

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