Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The mystery continues!

I hadn't intended to post again, but something awaited me when I came home from work today. It was a postcard from Femme de Carriere, ostensibly, inviting me, as a preferred customer, to take part in their sale between 12 and 19 December this year. The store, however, is in Montreal.

Closer examination revealed these interesting facts: The postcard is hand addressed, to my last name and first initial. There is no postal code, however. And, that's right, AND, it is sent from the same post office as the mystery Christmas card! The only problem is, the writing doesn't match at all. I am so confused, and intrigued! Who? Why? And why is the post office being so nice and delivering them without postal codes? Not that I mind, of course! And will this individual ever reveal themselves and their purpose to us? Stay tuned! I know I will!



Mystery letters from Quebec? That is intriguing! Have you made a friend through the CFF? An old housemate from your work terms out of province? Very peculiar!

PS. When you're making those Harry Potter scarves, don't forget the friend who gave you your first wand =D

Queen of Swords

Well then, that friend should let me know what house he wants a scarf from... :)


This certainly is bizarre...


Strawberry Blue Viking

That's really weird. If you were single, we could rhapsodize on the possibilities of a secret admirer, etc. Though, I don't know how Mike would feel about that! Have you met anyone through WoW that would have sent you something like that? Do you know anything about the store that the postcard was from? Maybe that would give a clue as to who was sending them. It must be somebody recent, since it's being sent to St. Albert and not Calgary. Hmmm.... Such a mystery to ponder. It's also kind of strange that the hand writing doesn't match, though I suppose it's easy enough to get someone else to address an envelope for you. Hmmm....

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