Sunday, November 26, 2006

Worth a thousand words

Being a series of pictures interpreted by text.

As promised, the old/new pictures. Please forgive me expression; I'm afraid I am extremely, EXTREMELY tired today, and couldn't even manage a smile... And for those who might be worried, I'm going to the doctor again tomorrow, so don't. I'm working on it. Old glasses above, new below!

I think they look okay... Still getting used to them. Ugh... Sunday hair... *blush*

In honour of the first Sunday in advent, and because we decorated the house, behold, our Christmas "Tree!"

And for Karen once was H. but now is something else that I don't know, and who wants snow, come out here! You can have some of ours!



New glasses look awsome. What Sunday hair??? First Sunday in advent is next Sunday. Boy, you've got a lot of snow!!!

Love, Mom and Dad


Snow!!! I'm so jealous! If I give you my address, could you send some down here? It's supposed to be 60F (15C) here today :-(

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