Thursday, November 23, 2006

Changing images

I think I like the new design. I'm not convinced yet, but I think it looks okay. And relearning the minimal CSS I did know wasn't too hard.

Yesterday, I picked up my new glasses. Mike has promised to take before and after pictures tonight, so I will try to post them. I do notice a difference in the lenses. It'll take some time to adjust; the change was relatively signifcant. In the meantime, I have to rewrite my mental image of myself to one with the new glasses. Unfortunately, my brain isn't like a graphics file that you can just import into Photoshop and permanently make the change. Start the clock on how long it actually takes before I'm not surprised and have to look closer every time I look in the mirror... :)

And finally, happy American Thanksgiving to any and all American readers! I'm thinking of you today as the snow comes down and covers everything, making the roads hellish. Why did I come in to work today after I drove Mike home from the doctor? Oh yeah, I had things to mail out... Here come two fire engines down St. Albert Trail... Lovely. But I'm sure where all of you are, the weather is wonderful, and you're having much turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie! Hope it's wonderful!



I like the new design, and the banner.

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