Wednesday, November 01, 2006

In other news

I am thinking of revamping the look of the blog, since I can't seem to shake the nickname "Queen of Swords," and well, I'm not sure I want to. Please take a look at the following two banner images. I think the one might be a bit pretentious, but it's based on a QoS tarot card... Click for full size. Any opinions?

The Pretentious One

The "pretentious" one

The Not So Pretentious One
The not so pretentious one



I like the second one, because of its simplicity not because I think the other is more pretentious...

Apartment Girl

I like the first one, and don't think it's at all pretentious!

Queen of Swords

Hmm... maybe I can find a script that'll randomly switch between the two... :)


I like the second one, like Jen.

Love, Mom


It's a blog, you're supposed to be pretentious. Go with the first one. Sheesh. ;)


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