Friday, February 03, 2006

A cheque

Pulling out the bills I need to pay, I discovered a cheque amidst them. This wasn't a "Oh my goodness, I forgot to cash it" moment, or even a "Wow! Money!" moment. No, this was a "Not this one again" moment.

The cheque came from the Bank of Montreal, and was the overpayment on the payout and penalty on the mortgage in Calgary. It is a cheque for 3 cents.

Yes, that's right. Three cents. It cost them 50 cents to send it to me, probably at least a dollar in paper, printing, and packaging, and it's for the amount of money that you drop in the Leave a Penny container at the grocery store.

Honestly, what am I supposed to do with a 3 cent cheque. Mike says frame it. I almost want to go into branch, press the cheque to the counter, and say, "I want to cash this cheque. Give me the money!" It's just so ridiculous.

Three bloody cents. I know they need to send it to me to keep their books straight, but why not just direct-deposit it? All my accounts are with them. They know which one my mortgage payments came out of. I mean, for heaven's sakes...

So I sit here with a 3 cent cheque. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Cash it!

Love, Mom


Tell them you want it in non-sequential currency....:)

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