Friday, January 27, 2006

Things I shall never understand...

* 1-ply toilet paper
* Why Subway started wrapping their sandwiches in two different kinds of paper
* That Tim Horton's medium hot chocolate is about half the volume of their large
* Why we don't have any ammonia in the fish tank even though there's lots of snails in there.

We moved Pale from his home in Ducati's tank to the big aquarium, as we hadn't seen him move in about a week, though we were sure he was still alive. He must have been cold, because about half an hour after we moved him, he was out and exploring, and I don't think he's been hiding for much more than a few hours at a time since then. Now I worry about the two bettas; maybe they're cold too. We almost lost Pale to the filter intake earlier this week, but he seems to be recovering nicely, and eats his fair share of the zucchini we've taken to dropping into the tank for the snails' supper.

Despite Pale, the hitchikers and their countless offspring, and a new addition named Stripes, we have little in the way of ammonia readings. I'm resigned to losing this batch of plants to the little buggers. Just cycle already! I'll replant later!

Jen's friend Stephen posted a note on his blog about gold farming in games like World of Warcraft. It somewhat disturbs me that the first comment I thought to make was, "Man, where have you been? That was news about this time last year. The new thing is the Chuck Norris add-on, and Medivh being the first to open the Gates!" It also somewhat disturbs me that the second comment I thought to make was, "But it's just so easy to farm gold. Why do people spend real money on it? Are they the same ones that buy characters off of eBay and spam IF with requests for powerleveling? Am I begging in guildchat to be taken on Drakk runs for my Devout chestpiece? No!" *blinks* I will close this subject by saying that TeamSpeak is the best invention since sliced bread, and that it's very satisfying to see a purple drop at the end of a tough run.

Nathan and Sheila are up for the weekend. There's a tournament. The Jujie Luan Open, also known as the JLO. ... Don't ask. It will be fun to have a visit. I might just figure out that I don't live in Calgary (Kansas) anymore, but I doubt it. Mike wants to make punch. He finally found a recipe he liked, and is out shopping for the ingredients. Tomorrow's menu for a late lunch is: chili, caesar salad, bread, crumble, and fruit punch. ... The only word is eclectic.

In other news, crocheting in small doses doesn't seem to hurt. Could it be?


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