Thursday, January 12, 2006

Eating salad with a spoon

I decided that, come the new year, when we could pretend to settle into some kind of schedule, I would get to work at 7 am and go to the building's small gym for about an hour, and eat salads for lunch. The salad part has been interesting, for I find that the easiest way to bring salad dressing is in a small container, and the easiest way to get it out of said container is a spoon, and why dirty another utensil? So I have been very careful to cut my vegetables and fruits, and rip my lettuce, in pieces that will fit easily on my spoon, so I need fear not of a salad accident.

The getting to the office at 7 part has been a little less successful. Our first week back at work, I don't know what happened to Wednesday, I ended up with a migraine on Thursday, and was still fighting it Friday. This week has been equally unsuccessful, for I haven't been required to get Mike out of bed to go to work for 6:30. He injured himself quite thoroughly on that Friday, and has been off work all week, unable to do much but sit, put heat and ice on his back, and cushion his left side, which is practically immobile. This has made it terribly easy to stay in bed, especially since he's in so much pain, neither of us is getting a lot of sleep. Ah well. I will convince myself when I'm feeling better and less tired that exercise is a good thing, and I can consistently get to work for seven. Yes, Vanessa, you can do it... My mental cheerleaders are not convincing today. "Jafar, Jafar, he's our man..."

In other news, we set up the guest bedroom yesterday. The bed is big enough for two (barely), but if we can get the games room downstairs less full of stuff, there will be an available hide-a-bed. That won't happen for this weekend, but possibly in the next few weeks. The study is a mess, but there are no longer piles of stuff in the master bedroom, and the only boxes left on the main floor are the ones with the CDs we're going to try and trade in for ones we'll actually listen to. The games room chairs are upstairs until... well, see above. Ah, moving.

I did promise pictures of the aquarium. Forgive the delay. Despite the fact that the shrimp is disintegrating nicely, and I had to top the tank up this morning with new water, we have no ammonia readings. I am going to give it until Saturday, I think, and then run out in search of pure ammonia, to jumpstart the process. The snails that hitchhiked in on the hornwort worry me, and I don't want to give them too long to establish themselves before getting clown or yoyo loaches to, er, deal with them. My plants! I will try to get pictures up this weekend.



Why do you have a master bedroom if you have no slaves?

-Jen & Timo


Wouldn't that be a Master's bedroom? not a master bedroom ;)


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