Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Good Word

Yesterday, I was witness to a random act of kindness. The girl at the Subway where I bought dinner seemed a bit of out sorts, still helpful and courteous, but not exactly happy. As I ate, I heard one of the other patrons chatting with her, and though I didn't hear what was the matter over the shrieking child, she did seem a bit more cheerful after he paid and left the store. I saw him put his sandwich in his car, then walk to the left. A short time later, I saw him pass by with a single rose in his hand. Once the last patron had been served and left the store, he came in, and he gave the rose to her. And just like that, he left again, got into his car, and pulled away. The smile was in her voice the rest of the time I sat there.

At times like this, I feel good about the human race.



You know it's always nice to hear storys like these. There's just not enough of them to go around.


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