Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Much in the way of changes

Mike and I were watching some television yesterday, and saw a commercial for Denham Ford in Wetaskiwin. The tagline was, would you drive half an hour to save over $2000? Mike started to say something, then stopped himself. He turned to me, and said, "I forgot. We don't live in Calgary anymore. I was thinking you'd have to drive over 300 kilometres per hour to get to Wetaskiwin in half an hour..."

So we are moved in to our new house in St. Albert but not fully unpacked, we no longer own the apartment in Calgary, and we're both at work in Edmonton. Oh, and we're engaged, officially, with rings and everything. No, no date for the wedding yet. Engaged is good enough for us for right now. We've both been through two of the three most stressful things in life this last little while. :)

I think will also start posting about the lovely fishtank I got from Mike for Christmas. Over the holiday, we got it set up, and yesterday I planted it and threw in a raw shrimp to start the fishless cycle. My baseline tests show the water quality to be very good right now. I hope that it will deteriorate quickly; I do want to put fish in there soon! Mike wants fish that will have babies as well, so that should be interesting. I will have to come up with a good stocking plan. I will put up some pictures in the next week or so.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!


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