Monday, June 07, 2004

Urgh... It really has been over two weeks, hasn't it? I have no excuses, beyond the fact that the time of day that I usually post was stolen from me by an Internet use watchdog program. I'm not blaming the company; I just need to get in the habit of posting at night.

My life has not been uneventful. The trouble is, I've been a little busy, and when I do have time to sit, I'm just not turning on my computer. But enough...

I bask in the glory that is J.K. Rowling. I loved the new Harry Potter movie. I was terrified they would mess it up, as it's my favourite book, but they didn't. I would have liked to see the plot move a little slower, but in terms of casting and cinematography, it was superb. Hooray! Now, when's the sixth book coming out? :)

And I have booked a vacation in November. Sun, sand, and surf. But how will I take my every whim being catered to (within the limits of the all-inclusive resort)? Ah, but I think I can bear such torture. In the meantime, I must go buy a swimsuit. Oh, horrors.

I have felt a little off of late, where very little seems interesting or beautiful. This is yet another reason for the lack of post. But I seem to be coming out of it a little, so hopefully posts will pick up as well.



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