Friday, June 25, 2004

I have been advised that I need a Nekobus. For those who don't know what that is, I suggest you do a Google search. To summarize, and keep in mind my information is incomplete, it is an entity that, by nature, makes life less boring. What do you expect when you cross a cat with a bus? (Don't ask...)

Am I bored? Certainly not this week. I leave the house at 7 every day, and possibly come home to eat, though I eventually do get there to sleep. But that's me trying to be an informed voter, and fencing, and going to a movie. Next week may not be so bad. If you look at how much I'm home, maybe I'm not bored.

No, I take that back. There has to be a reason I bought almost 40 books over the last two weeks, despite the fact that I have little time to read them. I'm busy, even at work (shocking!), but apart from fencing, my mind is mostly inactive. 'Tis sad, but there it is.

The little dig from Jen (yes, I know it was! But I don't mind...) was to get off my ass and get looking into grad school. Since I have narrowed my focus down quite significantly over the past few weeks, and since my in-country vacation is coming up, I will be making the appointment shortly. A few upgrade courses, an application, and I may be well on my way to being an even busier person studying for a master's part-time.

But, in the interests of... well, interest, perhaps I should find myself a Nekobus. I have plants on my balcony, but the only source of excitement from them is that I've been overwatering them in my exuberance to keep them alive. Oops. Perhaps a fish of some description... But then, I'd need a place for a fish tank, and I don't know how much they'd like waking up to a 25 degree apartment every morning. Lord knows I don't like it... Perhaps a two-legged Nekobus? Would anyone like to volunteer to keep me from being bored? Does anyone know if Michael Bublé is available? He can keep me from being bored anytime. In fact, this week he has been, at work. I sometimes feel a little silly jiving in my chair as I fold paper, but anything to keep me going in the afternoons, eh?


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