Thursday, May 20, 2004

I came home from fencing last night, opened my door, and had a brief sickening thought that I had left a light on. My parents raised me well; even though my electricity is covered in my condo fees, I'm still not one to waste power. But when I manhandled my fencing bag inside and glanced quickly at my light fixtures, I realised that I hadn't left one burning.

I now have a lamp post right outside my window. When it's dark and my blinds are open, which was the state of my place when I came home last night, it burns brightly enough that I could read by it. My first instinct was to be annoyed. Some warning might have been nice before they installed the thing. My second was to wonder if I would be able to sleep, as used as I am to relative darkness at night. Even the light coming in from the hallway under my front door, much removed from my bedroom, was startling the first several months. But this? My third was to wonder if this would make it easier or more difficult for people to see in to my apartment.

I slept well, but that might have been from exhaustion. What with the rain and the crazy Flames fans, driving home from fencing last night was a bit of an adventure for my already tired senses.



Jeepers, two weeks without a post! Not that we hang on your every word Ness, but, well, we hang on your every word =D If the past two weeks of your life have truely been this uneventful, I suggest that we, your friends, hold a secret meeting to discus ways of spicing up your life, if only so we may read of our own exploits on your Blog.

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