Monday, May 03, 2004

Red Deer Fencing Club End of Season Tournament - Saturday 1 May 2004 - Epee

I took the week off from fencing, but a series of emails between myself and Norman Wiebe ended up with Nathan, Andrew, and I going up to Red Deer Saturday morning for RDFC's end of season tourney and pizza party. As we had to be there for 0800, I got up at 0445. I can do it if I have enough motive, but boy was I tired by the end of the day! Anyhow, apparently many of their fencers were a little worried about "the competitive fencers from Calgary coming up to fence against those poor recreational fencers," but they needn't have worried. There were three pools of five mixed epee fencers a piece. I ended up in a pool with Shane Carritt and James Birchall, two of their coaches, plus two of their rec fencers. I won against the latter (5-3, 5-1), and lost to the coaches (5-4, 5-3), which gave me positive indicators for, I swear, the second time in my life. But the two losses put me in the middle of the tally. I won my first DE (can't remember the score), and then came up against Andrew for the second. Despite the fact that he hasn't fenced much this term, he's still faster than I am, and his instincts are better. I lost 15-11 (I believe). At the end of the day, I came out seventh of fifteen, Nathan placed fifth, and Andrew went on to win the gold!

Pizza and chatting with RDFC's fencers was very fun, and then the three of us went over to Norm's place for more talking. We didn't leave Red Deer before five. All in all, a very pleasant day of fencing!


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