Friday, April 16, 2004

I keep expecting my blog to update itself. I know this is silly, because it's my blog, and will only be updated when I write something in it, but I fight the urge to click on the link from Jen's blog to mine to see if there's anything new. I check Jen's blog almost daily, so you can imagine how odd it is for me not to have learned by now. And yet for some reason, I expect something new and witty to have appeared with absolutely no effort on my part! Silly Ness…

It's not that there isn't anything going on in my life. But does it make for a good post? Today, for example: it's barely noon, and I could comment on the fact that, after over three months of working at Hitec, I finally decided to take advantage of the "Casual Fridays" and wear jeans with a nice shirt. Of course, I would pick the Friday where the people who usually do take advantage of "Casual Friday," didn't. Not that I care, but what a coincidence. Or I could mention that yesterday night, I fenced an epeeist from Holland (I hear rumours he was/is on their national team). It was a wonderful bout; I despair at ever being that fast. However, I don't believe he was going all out against me, as I kept getting single hits. I'm torn between being honoured by his gentlemanly behaviour, or being annoyed because I want to learn something. It's not because I actually have the skills to take on an Olympic fencer. I'm absolutely not that good! But what does one say in that situation? "Listen, I know you must be holding back, I've watched you massacre all the guys you fenced tonight. Can you please just trounce me? I learn better that way. But thanks for being so kind and generous; even I like being treated like a woman sometimes." On two hours acquaintance? Not likely…

These kind of random thoughts cross my mind, and when I get to work in the morning, and am quickly checking my email and Jen's and Steve's blogs, I consider checking mine to see if they have sprung fully written into existence simply by me thinking to myself, "I should post that in my blog." Of course, I doubt I'll be alive the day they invent a cybernetic implant that would make that possible.

My current obsession is the Thirty Years' War, brought on by the library finally cycling through all the holds on Ring of Fire to get to me, and me reading it and not remembering half of what happened in 1632 and 1633. The series is such a lovely blend of the fantastic, the historical, and the "what ifs?" of alternate history. Not only that, but there is a great deal of military and political strategy that comes out of the works. So now I'm itching to learn more about all these historical figures, most especially Gustav Adolf of Sweden, Cardinal Richlieu of France, and the Danes of the period, who have only been mentioned briefly as a significant naval power, but will undoubtedly crop up again as the series progresses. My imagination is fired. I can't stop thinking about it. The story and the history have enthralled me, in much the same way as the Hornblower series has. I need more information. Time to head to the library, I guess. It's funny; I was never much of a history buff. I guess you reach a certain point in your life where you just need to know where you've come from.

Oh, and if anyone knows anything about Blogger, maybe they can tell me about the archiving. If I delete a post from the main page here, will it remain in the archives? I just don't know, and I can't find the answer... I don't want to permanently delete any of my posts. Email me!


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