Saturday, April 24, 2004

Alberta Provincial Championships Report - Women's Epee - Saturday 24 April 2004

There were twelve women registered for the open event today, a rather small number considering the scope of the tournament. Our pool of six ran on one piste, which drew it out some. I won two (5-1, 5-0) and lost three (5-3, 5-1, 5-0), which placed me seventh out of the pools with an indicator of -2. I drew Sarah Morrison, who (surprisingly) placed 10th out of the pools, and after a very long wait, we were on. The bout made it through one and a bit periods, and I lost 15-11. To be honest, I feel okay about how I fenced. I pushed her, made her work for it, and I know that next year, I will be able to beat her. I believe that my final placing is 9th, but I didn't want to wait around any longer to pick up my passport, so it is waiting for me there tomorrow. I will confirm when I have it in my hands. Foil and team epee tomorrow; I'm looking forward to the latter, and will deal with the former as it happens.

And let us all welcome my new friend, Magic the Lucky Fencing Dragon, who told Sheila that she should take him along for my last tournament of the season! It's not everyone that gets a Lucky Fencing Dragon, you know... I'm very special!

Tonight was the Provincials Banquet, which was good except for the fact that I couldn't hear what anyone was saying when the speeches started. Next year, we will hopefully be in a dedicated room, or if we are not, I will pick a chair that isn't next to a fountain. I will also not overdo it on the food. Bad, bad, BAD Ness! On that note, I will drink three glasses of water, turn in, and let it work through my system, so I can be ready for tomorrow.


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