Monday, April 26, 2004

Alberta Provincial Championships Report - Women's Foil, Team Women's Epee - Sunday 25 April 2004

The day dawned early, very, VERY early, as registration for WF closed at 0800. I am not a morning person. Anyway, Nathan and I got down there, and I changed as was able to warm up a little before the competition started. There were 15 women registered, which equates to three pools of five. I lost all my bouts (5-0, 5-1, 5-3, 5-4), and came out last. I then had to fence Heather Willette from AAA, who came out second from the pools. Needless to say, it was a massacre: 15-2. But those two were pretty good, and I'm not displeased with any of my pool bouts, except the 5-0. I should have had a couple there. Following WF, I began to think about lunch, and then Nathan suddenly got a team together for Team Sabre, so we had to rush back to his house to get his gear. I grabbed lunch on the way. Upon our return to the Soccer Centre, I got myself together again for Team Women's Epee. Mary McNabb from Edmonton Fencing Club, Karren Liver from Red Deer Fencing Club, and myself were one of four WE teams, and the only one that was not from one club. They called us the "Mixed" team, but we much preferred "The Old Gals." Our first round was against the Gladiators B team, which we took 45-32 (at least, I belive their score was somewhere around there). We then had to fence the Gladiators A team, who had just sucessfully trounced AAA's team. We lost by a score of 45-22. As a result, our team came out second. It was much fun! I'm definitely doing team events again.

As an update to Saturday's results, I came out 10 of 12 in WE.

I am now very tired, will have to stretch all day, and am very much looking forward to my massage tonight. My back is killing me. I'm soooooooo out of shape!


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