Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A word to the wise

Take my advice. No matter how tired you are, how absent-minded you are, how stupid you might be, or how frustrated you are with your oven that won't cook completely thawed chicken breasts at 350 in 50 minutes, always remember to put the oven mitts back on your hands before you try to put the casserole dish back in the oven! ALWAYS!

So, since I won't be knitting for a while, let me show you a picture of something I did knit.

This is the Luna Moth Shawl, done in Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino in colourway Royal Blue. It's just over one skein, and it is gorgeous. It is also on its way to its intended recipient, and she should get it today or tomorrow, since it's a local address. It's so beautiful. I love it. And I have quite a bit of the yarn left over! Small shawl for myself? Lace scarf? Hmm...

Must stop typing now. Too many blisters, and the anaesthetic spray is almost worn off.



Ooh, sorry to hear about your hands. The shawl looks lovely though.


the shawl is gorgeous! so pretty! sucks about your paws, though!

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