Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Soft and furry

My sleeve apparently tasted lovely, because this young alpaca couldn't stop nibbling on it! And on my bag, the bottom of my jacket, and I'm sure he would have nibble on my hair too, if he was tall enough! Thanks to Liz for taking the picture and letting me borrow it!

So that was Sunday. A nice drive out to the country, visiting with alpacas, petting them when they got close enough because they were sooooo soft, fondling the yarn, succumbing to a little bit of temptation, and making a few other stops on the way back home for other Christmas presents. I've made a good start on Christmas shopping, which is good because I'm running out of time. I know it maybe doesn't seem like it, since there's still quite a few days before Christmas, but when you actually count the calendar, it's... five weeks today to Christmas Eve. I have to get started on the cards SOON!

I'll be in Calgary Thursday through Sunday next week, tied to the Talisman Centre from 7 am to who knows when (5 or 6 I'm guessing). Come and visit!


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